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Having Your Baby at NWH

Whether you’re expecting your first child, or you feel like you’ve become a seasoned professional at labor and delivery, one thing remains constant:  deciding where to give birth is just as important as carefully planning one’s labor and delivery.

Selecting a Hospital

When selecting a hospital, you want to consider two things: If everything is going great, will I enjoy the experience? And if any trouble arises, will the hospital be able to take care of my needs? If the answers are yes, you’ve found the right place. 

Click here to download and print a list of questions to ask about your hospital.

At NWH, we believe our patients should have a birthing experience designed to meet their expectations, keeping in mind what is advised medically, to assure the safest delivery for mother and baby.  From our physicians to our midwives, our team is committed to serving patients in the Mount Kisco and surrounding areas and as far as New York City and Connecticut.

Whether you are trying to get pregnant, facing challenges during your pregnancy, or having your fourth or fifth child, NWH offers leading-edge technology and highly-trained, experienced specialists who work together to ensure that you and your baby have a safe, well cared for, and enjoyable experience.

Members of our medical and nursing staff have trained at leading institutions, have long enjoyed careers at NWH, and possess a wealth of knowledge that they readily share with patients and their families. These healthcare professionals use a team approach to support families during this very special event in their lives. They provide the comfort, reassurance, and personal attention they expect during your birth experience.

Our team of dedicated professionals include:
• Highly-qualified obstetricians trained to manage high-risk pregnancies
• Full-time perinatologists, neonatologists, and obstetrical anesthesiologists
• Nurses, midwives, pediatricians, and other allied healthcare professionals
• Certified lactation consultants, lactation counselors (available 24 hours a day) 

We are committed to making your childbirth a positive experience by providing the comprehensive services and high-level care that you will need every step of the way.

Our advanced technology includes:
• State-of-the-art fetal surveillance system. Not only are nurses in the labor room able to check on your baby, but doctors throughout the hospital and even at home are able to see your baby’s heart rate, and other vital signs.

• Level 3 NICU (neo-natal intensive care unit)

The staff at the Center for Maternal/Child Health provides expert medical care for you and your baby in a family-centered environment. We are ready to help each woman through her unique birth experience with the most natural approach or with high-tech medical interventions, as necessary.

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