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Birthing Rooms

Six beautifully decorated, state-of-the-art private birthing rooms with private bathrooms provide a warm, home-like environment, which allow the mother to remain in the same room throughout the birth experience.  .

Rooms have large showers, rocking chairs, and televisions.  A whirlpool tub is also available to ease the pain of labor.  Patients are encouraged to bring personal items that will make them feel more at home, such as favorite photographs, videos, music, and pillows.

Family members are welcome at the birth.  NWH also encourages the use of doulas.

Rooming-in is available. We have sleeper chairs for partners to spend the night in the room.  Our birthing suites provide a home-like surrounding where moms, dads, and babies can all stay together.

All families have access to a refrigerator and room service.  Food can be customized for virtually any dietary preference, including vegans, diabetics, and those following a kosher diet.  If necessary or desired, a private refrigerator can be placed in your room.

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